Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A couple more Dragons, and Shannon...

A few more dragons Oh and one is my daughter!


  1. "WOW" They are just fantastic. Even your daughter. hahahahah! Great work on all of

  2. These dragons are amazing. I can't get over how detailed they are. Do you make these?

  3. Beautiful dragons! And your daughter! :)

  4. Thank you, daughter was a typical kid, doesn't matter how old they are, I asked her to hold my dragon so I could get sort of a feel for the scale and she was sooo busy! Other places to be and people to see know! KIDS! But I like the way the picture came out, her attitude gave it some interesting character, don't you think!?
    Yes, I sculpt my dragons from DAS air dry clay. I paint them with acrylics.
    Pearl, I've been under the weather, for a day or so. I meant to answer your letter sooner. Thank you for sharing that with me. It does make you fell helpless. The thing about our daughters and family members being in that sort of situation, is they won't be ready to change their world until they have personally had enough. And foe each person that amount is different.
    Look at my girl...That "look"'s all "smoke and mirrors" She's a "cream Puff'! Ta gotta love "em! Thank you for writing. When I feel better, I'll answer you properly. Thank you too for the wonderful comments!
    Must get back to bed 6:00 AM comes at 6:00 AM!

  5. I just recently stumbled upon your blog, absolutely inspiring! Makes me want to run to my studio and pull my clay out. It's so neat when you can find an artist that not only makes beautiful things, but that makes such unbelievably amazing things you cannot resist the rekindled flames of creation within yourself.

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