Monday, January 6, 2014

My wall Sculpture

I make dragon wall sculpture too!
Here are a few photos of some of my work. I also sculpt creatures and dragons for custom orders.
Please email if you would like one on your wall!

The Beast

My baby is about to come "ALIVE"!
This is the largest dragon I have sculpted to date....
This is my daughter's head underneath my dragon.
A bit of a long process...

I sculpt dragons and other odd creatures...

  I sculpt my dragons and other creatures from DAS air dry clay.

If you are interested in having a dragon created or some other creature pleas contact me .

My rendition of Heath
I painted this after a fire in Showlow, Arizona
This is my painting of the little girl from the Nat GO mag.
A painting I did of Edward from Twilight, I don't think it looks like him.
 J. Depp from his Don Juan
Phantom and Christine
I used to paint for my landlady. This is 4ft.x4ft. I traded rent.
Love Depp
I painted this from an Arizona highways mag.
And here we have Vincent from Beaty and the Beast