Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Breathtaking Sculptures with Eyecatching Eyes

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 06:12 AM PDT

Eyes are the Windows of the Soul ~~ Sometimes I come across something in the handmade marketplace that just surprises the heck out of me and today's shop was one of those.

I go to metaphysical shops off and on all the time and you see dragon figurines and other mementos of that line at nearly all of them. I never really thought much about the artists behind these pieces because in most cases, they're mass produced.

I guess that somewhere along the way I became jaded to the mass produced items, because when I came across today's shop it was a reminder that there are truly talented and amazing artists behind all those pieces somewhere at their birth. That somewhere in the past there was an artist who created the piece that caught the retail market's attention.

Today's shop, Misty's Creations, is filled with beautiful, mystical creatures that are breathtaking and haven't gone to mass market but are so gorgeous they absolutely could in a heartbeat (but I'm so glad they haven't because the charm of OOAK hand crafting is far more appealing!)

These pieces are each one of a kind. Each and everyone is an artist's hand-crafted expression and lovingly sculpted and painted with care. Some of them are so life-like that they can easily be gazed upon for hours in fascination.

I'm personally both impressed and mesmerized by the eyes in these pieces. Their eyes are so realistic it's as if each piece has it's own soul. It's so rare to find such a stunning feature displayed so beautifully as you will in these pieces.

If you love dragons, unicorns and other mystical creatures or if you know someone who does, I strongly encourage you to check out Misty's Creations and take a browse through their shop. I am so very, very impressed and I think you will be too!


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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mac Mesmer

My newest dragon he's a little smaller than my others but I am starting a new line of smaller dragon heads, they will be more pocket book friendly and I will put them up for sale on my blogs! Let me know if you're interested!